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Day of the Show Guide

The proposal has been accepted, the contract is signed and the long awaited day of your show has arrived. Relax, we’ve done this countless times before. Pyro Spectaculars is a full service company and the primary thing you need to do today is enjoy your event. Here is what to expect on the day of your show….

Arrival to the Firing Locationpyro carnivalpyro carnival

The size and complexity of the show will determine when the operator starts setting up a show. Most shows can be set up, shot and cleaned up within a day. However, large or complex shows will require more preparation and clean up time. Your show producer will give you a clear idea of the expected timeframe.

When the crew arrives, the customer’s designated show coordinator should meet them at the firing location. Specifics such as dress rehearsal meeting time and security will be confirmed at the initial meeting. Additionally, the show coordinator should designate what restroom facilities, entrances, exits, and water sources that the crew should use.

The size of the crew varies depending on the show, but you should expect between three to six vehicles. The crew will need parking near the firing location.pyro koreapyro korea

After the initial day of the show meeting the crew will first secure the firing location by taping off the crew area. Audience and crew safety is the highest priority and it is imperative that this area remains secure. Once the area has been secured and the crew starts assembling the show, access to the area is only permitted by authorization of the Crew Chief. The crew area is strictly limited to the pyrotechnics crew, fire service personnel, and other authorized individuals.

The crew will work throughout the day assembling the racks, mortars, set pieces and all the other pieces necessary to make a spectacular show.

Please call 888-477-PYRO today to get your personalized fireworks experience started!

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