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The Responsibilities & Priorities of the Show - Pyro Spectaculars by Souza Responsibilities

Pyro Spectaculars by Souza Responsibilities

We are going to take care of almost every details. Below is a brief summary of the major components of your show that we are going to take care of. Every show is unique and the responsibilities change on a show-by-show basis. The exact responsibilities will be discussed and stated in the show contract.

  1. Permits & Regulatory Compliance – We will ensure that all necessary permits, licenses and fees are satisfied for your show. If there are special regulatory requirements (e.g. noise or time requirements) for your show they will be acknowledged in your proposal.

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  2. Coordination with Fire Service Personnel – We will work with the fire service personnel to ensure that your show satisfies the local regulations.

  3. Transportation – We are responsible for the transportation of the materials, crew, and equipment to and from the firing location.

  4. Crew Chief & Licensed Operator -- We are responsible for obtaining a licensed crew chief that is qualified to produce your show.

  5. Additional Crew – Our crew chief will be responsible to obtain the necessary additional crew to setup, shoot, and clean up the show.

  6. Materials & Product – We are responsible for obtaining all fireworks and related materials for your show.pyro shellspyro shells

  7. Insurance – We are responsible for obtaining the necessary insurance to adequately cover show.

  8. Audio Soundtrack Production – If your show requires a specialized audio sound track we will be responsible for the creation and delivery of the media. Often the media will be delivered on the day of the show.

  9. Equipment – We are responsible for obtaining all equipment necessary to setup, shoot, transport, and clean up the show.

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